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Aunty’s Masala’s

Mahrukh Bhagwagar or Maku fui as we lovingly call her is the paternal aunt of Rustom’s co-owner Kainaz Contractor. She has been making freshly ground and hand-blended masalas for the Contractor household for decades and now sells her masalas under the Aunty’s Masala brand. Her masalas are the reason you love our food and their aromas are the first to welcome you as you enter the dining area. You can purchase her masalas from Rustom’s in Delhi or at Belgaum Ghee Depot, Tardeo in Bombay.

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E F Kolah and Sons

Since 1885, E F Kolah and Sons in Navasari (Gujarat) have been producing and supplying the finest quality of quintessential pantry staples for every Parsi kitchen. Of these, Rustom’s uses their brewed sugarcane vinegar that has been matured in wooden barrels. This lends the signature sourness to all our sweet and sour preparations. You can contact them on +91-2637-290451.

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Mohd. Kasim & Sons

All our mutton dishes which you’ll love so much is made with mutton sourced from Mohd. Kasim and Sons in South Delhi. Saleem, the proprietor is passionate about his product and takes extreme care in providing us with only the finest, freshly cut meat that goes into creating our melt-in-mouth mutton for dhansakh and kheema kebabs in the Rustom’s kitchen.

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Pallonji Soda

No Parsi meal is complete without a sip of our favourite fizzy drink that makes its way all the way from Bombay. Pallonji’s is one of the few surviving brands of Parsi-wedding sodas along with old favourites such as Dukes and Rogers. We love the retro and quintessential ‘bawa’ vibe these drinks lend to our beverage selection.

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Parsi Dairy Farm

The kulfis from this Bombay institution need no introduction. Started by Parsi entrepreneur Nariman Ardeshir in 1916, Parsi Dairy Farm has plumped up many generations of butter, ghee and mithai-loving bawas. Their most iconic offering remains the malai kulfi that we now also get an assortment of flavours.

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Prateeksh Mehra

Our favourite food photographer also moonlights as a maker of amazing French-style cheeses which he sells under the Spotted Cow Fromagerie label. Hi eye for detail and constant innovation while shooting Indian food is what we admire the most about his style of photography. Through his camera lens Indian food never looked better. You can see more of his work on

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Sooni Taraporevala

The multi-faceted Sooni Taraporevala is a celebrated photographer, screen writer, director and author from Bombay. The walls of Rustom’s are adorned with a curated selection of photographs from her book titled, Parsis: The Zoroastrians of India. This visual documentation of Parsis offers a rare insider’s view into their daily life. The images chronicle the faces, daily life and unique culture of our lovable, sometimes-eccentric and cultured community.

Photographs from this book were included in Tate Modern’s 2001 exhibition Century City: Art and Culture in the Modern Metropolis, Lille 3000 in Lille 2006, India Moderna IVAM Institut Valencia d’Art Modern 2008, Photoquai, Musee de Quai Branly, 2009,and most recently, solo shows at Harvard University’s Sert Gallery in October 2012, Chemould Prescott Road in Mumbai 6 March-6 May 2013 and at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi September- November 2013 where they are part of NGMA's permanent collection.

We love her for so selflessly sharing her art with us and for allowing us to use Rustom’s as a space for showcasing (and selling) her stunning photographs. Read more about her work on

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Shreya Gupta

This rising star is responsible for all our beautifully styled and plated Parsi food photographs. We never thought Dhansakh could look so elegant before she worked her magic. If you love our beautiful vintage crockery you’ve got her to thank for tirelessly browsing through the alleys of Chor Bazar to unearth that Victorian plate that resembles a family heirloom. You can see more of her food and event styling work on

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Svabhu Kohli

All of our amazing retro artwork has been exclusively designed for Rustom’s by the young and talented visual artist, Svabhu Kohli. He has bought life not only into our logos, menu and social media creative but also provided his keen aesthetics for designing the restaurant space at Rustom’s. His work has appeared in several publications like BBC Good Food Magazine India and Vogue India along with restaurants such as Olive Beach Bangalore, Monkey Bar, Diva Café and Depot 29.

You can see more of his work on



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